It’s Ok to not be Ok…..

Mental illness vs physical illness Living with chronic illness has taught me many things over the years. One thing I’ve realised is that physical illness are taken much more seriously than mental illness. At times when I’ve been dealing with a flare or have been in hospital for my Crohn’s I have always been offered […]

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The ice cream cake

My 13th birthday is one that stands out for me. It was spent in hospital during my 6 week stay not too many days after I had just had a haemorrhage and nearly died. The day I haemorrhaged was one of the scariest of my life. I was feeling really off that day and when […]

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Many people might know it but many people might not know that I live with a chronic illness called Crohn’s disease. It’s something I’ve never been entirely open about because let’s face it it’s not a pretty disease. People don’t like talking about shit to begin with but add a disease that involves it and […]

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